The Masterpoint System

There are 5 categories:
1. Green for beginners in supervised sessions (0.75 weighting).
2. Green for all general sessions (1.5 weighting).
3. Championship green for special named club events (2.0 weighting)
4. Red for special club events and Congresses
5. Gold for special ABF events

Masterpoints are awarded to the top half of the field on a sliding scale. So the more tables there are the higher the number of points awarded to the top players.

The club is charged for these points at approximately $2.00 per point, again slightly different amounts depending on the category.

The number of points you have earned determines your Masterpoint ranking. To reach upper levels (Life Member and above) you need a certain number of red and gold points.

The money raised by the ABF is used for hosting state and national events, paying their directors, overseas teams, national magazine, teaching programs etc.

The USA and UK have a slightly different scheme.

Carlyn Dun

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