Committee Update Jan 2023

Message from the President

Happy New Year everyone and for those who have been travelling, I look forward to seeing you back at the Bridge table soon.

Our F2F numbers are slowly rising, but there is still plenty of room for more players. The calendar of events is under review and we hope to bring back a few of your favourite events that had to be cancelled last year due to COVID.

Our PBC Congress online was a great success and I would like to extend my thanks again to everyone who contributed to the organisation, in particular Margaret East. And thank you to everyone who supported this online event.

We also had fun at our annual Christmas Bridge Party in December. It was a smaller affair than previous years, but everyone that participated enjoyed the party.

Our first Red Point of the year will be held on Australia Day so be sure to check out the details below.

Sandy Boyd

Updates on the Website

View Results and Replay Boards
You may not be aware that there is an option in the game results to review and replay any of the hands played at the club, whether F2F or online. Go to the Club Results page on the website and click on the results link for any game.  You can replay every board by clicking the [Replay and Analyze] button, select the contract you want and then the cards of the player that you can select from will change colour. You can play any card, but the cards shown in green are recommended for best result.

If you want to review your scores for the different boards, click on your names and the Summary per Board is displayed. Click on any board to review what others did and what the possible results were. There is also a link to Replay and Analyze this specific board.

For RealBridge games, if you save the link from the game, you can go back to the RealBridge session any time to review results for each board and to replay boards. For your convenience, the links to the RealBridge games from the past 4 weeks will remain published on the Online Sessions page of the website.

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