Vale Hugo Pipal

Hugo Adolf Pipal came as a refugee from Czechoslovakia after the Communists took over his country. The family of 4 spent a year in a German refugee camp. They were fed 3 meals of porridge a day. When they arrived at the Australian refugee shelter Hugo could not keep down the rich, greasy mutton they were served. The first language Hugo learnt in Australia was Polish from the Polish refugee children.

Being blessed with a superb singing voice, Hugo attended St Mary’s Cathedral School. He gained a University degree and his final jobs were being part of the head of Pub Mart and other liquor chains. He would go overseas to buy alcohol.

He was married to Elizabeth who died of breast cancer. He sired 2 children, Louise and James and was the proud Jeddah of Ivy, Poppy and Parker.

After his diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer Hugo chose not to have any treatment and lived for more than 12 months in his family home. His family lived upstairs and were able to care for him.

The world has lost a lovely man but I am so happy to have known him. We enjoyed a great friendship. R.I.P. dear Hugo. Warmest wishes, Pauline Osborne.

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