Some memories from Carlyn Dun

Parramatta has hosted many congresses over the years. At one time we hosted 3 in one year. With a new young committee this was quickly reduced to one per year and this has been very successful for more than 20 years.

The month of November was chosen for this event because of historical significance. Hence the name “Foundation Teams”.

Members helped by transporting tables, sets of cards, etc. to the venue. Other members would arrive at 8.00am to help erect tables, chairs, put out rubbish bins etc.

Marienne Vawser always supervised in the kitchen. Members and players would bring plates of sandwiches, cakes, and other food to share. The club urn was retrieved from the mothballs for every event.

Beryl Amphlett and her husband stayed up late the night before to make a couple of hundred pikelets, which, when served with jam and cream, always disappeared even before play began.

The day was finished with saveloys, chicken pieces, sausage rolls, spring rolls, fruit platters, wine, beer and soft drink. We were noted for our friendly games and the best food!!

In addition to the fun day, we usually made a profit of around $1,000.

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