Lockdown sessions

Please note there is a fee for sessions of $4. This should be paid into our account with ref

* preference is for one monthly payment. Any monies in credit can be refunded upon request.
RB your name
Parramatta Bridge Club
Account No..561239260

Yes, you can pay for other people, just let the director know.

If you need a partner for any session, please contact Sandy Boyd

If you do not have a partner on the day, please stay in the lobby and send a message to the director.
If you experience any camera and / or microphone problems, please run through the test before the game

Some browser & tablets are not stable to RealBridge.
Refer to RealBridge home page,  

RealBridge etiquette

Mon 2 Aug 7.15pm Link
Wed 4 Aug7.30pmLink
Thu 5 Aug10.30amLink
Sat 7 Aug1pmLink

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