Online Sessions

=> Members $6 Visitors $8
=> Red point events extra $2
Please pay one monthly payment into our account with the reference “RB your name”
Any monies in credit can be refunded upon request.
Parramatta Bridge Club
BSB: 484799
Account No.561239260

Please log into RealBridge entering your full name in the box labelled “Full Name” (without any numbers after it), and your ABF number in the box labelled
“ID number”. See example.

If you do not have a partner on the day, please stay in the lobby and send a message to the Director. Yes, you can pay for other people, just let the Director know.

Current Links:

Monday 29 May 7:15pm RealBridgeThursday 1 Jun 7:15pm RealBridge

Links to sessions over the past 4 weeks:

Monday 22 May RealBridgeThursday 25 May RealBridge
Monday 15 May RealBridgeThursday 18 May RealBridge
Monday 8 May RealBridgeThursday 11 May RealBridge
Monday 1 May RealBridgeThursday 4 May RealBridge

Check out our face to face sessions

RealBridge etiquette


Contacting RealBridge for help

RealBridge are very happy to help with technical problems relating to RealBridge.

If you would like help with any of the issues below, please contact them:


    Telephone (UK): 0794 232 2209

    Telephone (non-UK): +44 794 232 2209

If you have a problem during a session, you are also welcome to ring RealBridge.

Telephone support is available 7:00 – 23:00 UK time (GMT).

iPads with iOS 15

The latest release of iOS – version 15 – causes problems when playing on RealBridge. RealBridge have a recommended solution to these problems. If you have iOS 15, please do follow RealBridge’s advice. If you don’t, you are likely to experience freezing or loss of audio during a session.

If you have an iPad with iOS 15, and you have not already updated your iPad as recommended by RealBridge on 8 December, there is a settings change that you should make.

RealBridge are very happy to talk you through the procedure. You can contact them on the number above.

If you are happy to make the changes yourself, please see:

For advanced users:

Step-by-step instructions, with pictures:

If you have an iPad with iOS 15, and you have already updated your iPad as recommended by RealBridge on or after 8 December, we now also recommend that you upgrade to iOS 15.2.  For instructions, see

If you don’t know which version of iOS you have, see , or contact RealBridge for help.

MacBooks and iMacs with Monterey or Safari 15

If you have a Mac that has been upgraded to macOS Monterey, and you use Safari, please see the instructions here:

If you have a Mac that has not been upgraded to macOS Monterey, but does have Safari 15, and you are experiencing freezing or loss of audio, also please see the instructions here:

Lenovo Windows laptops

If you have this specific problem:

  • You have a Lenovo laptop running Windows (not a Chromebook)
  • Other players can see you, but no one can hear you.
  • You can see and hear other players

Please see the solution here:

Lenovo Chromebooks

With some Lenovo Chromebooks, for a small number of people the RealBridge window keeps freezing. We are still investigating this. If you have this problem, please contact

Windows 7

If you have Windows 7, your web browser may say that the RealBridge website is insecure. This is a problem with the security certificate data on your computer. Please contact . We will advise you about how to solve this problem.


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