RealBridge Etiquette


If you want to join one of our RealBridge sessions please follow these guidelines to make it a great experience for everyone:

Think about RealBridge as playing at the clubrooms… and at the clubrooms you would not:

  • Conduct a conversation with a family member or conduct a telephone conversation
  • Get up during the hand and make coffee
  • Eat or drink in full view of the rest of the table (but you might surreptitiously sneak a peanut or a sip of wine)
  • Talk to your partner in the middle of a hand

The microphone is the greatest feature of Realbridge – it allows for normalisation of the bridge environment. However, it can also cause problems with feedback. Some suggestions:

  • Play in a quiet environment away from kids, televisions street noise and perhaps noisy family members
  • Turn off the microphone when there is a distraction (mute)
  • Set the microphone on the lowest possible volume
  • If two people are connecting in close proximity, one of you must NOT use the microphone – stay on mute or the feedback will be unbearable for other players

*We have borrowed much of the information above from Bruce Crossman from the Canberra Bridge club.  

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