Pre paid table money card

We are introducing pre purchased table money cards.

How to purchase a card

  • Cards will be available sometime in May.
  • Cards will be available at each session for purchase by cash.
  • You can also email to organise direct deposit, card will be available for pick up at your next regular session.
  • Friends and family can also purchase these on your behalf as gifts!

How long are they valid

  • They do not have an expiry date, but a bridgeaholic would not take long to use these up!
  • They are valid for all sanctioned Parramatta bridge club face to face sessions.
  • They do not cover special event fees or congress.

What do they cost?

  • They are the cost of 10 regular sessions at your table money rate.
    • Over 65 = $50 per card
    • Under 65 = $60 per card **
    • Visitor = $70 per card  **
  • ** Table money will be going up for under 65 and visitors from July. Buy at current price and save!!!

How do I use it?

  • When you receive your card be sure to write your name on it.
  • At the bridge session, place the card in the table money bag.
  • The director will punch or mark a spot for the session.
  • If there is still value on the card, it will be returned to you by the end of the session.

Can I use this for other people?

  • Yes – as long as they are the same fee category or lower!!
  • But there is no change. So if an under 65 pays for an over 65, two holes are punched, there is no refund for the difference.

Why would I buy one of these?

  • Saves time looking for table money every session
  • Easy option for friends and family to buy as a gift

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