Committee Update September 2022

Message from the President

As a committee, we ask that everyone be understanding.  Over the past 2½  years, we have not only dealt with COVID and the on again/off again rules and disruptions for face to face bridge, we have also managed the following:

  • Implemented a new website (driven by Shannon Queree)
  • Implemented RealBridge online (driven by Peter Dun)
  • Implemented payment process for RealBridge (by Shannon Queree)
  • Implemented the prepaid games card system (by Shannon Queree)
  • Reintroduced face to face lessons (by Shannon Queree)

We all tend to forget how much time and effort goes into change.  As a committee, we have tried to bring about changes as seamlessly as possible.  I thank the Committee for their efforts and ask for your patience as we move forward.

Our F2F numbers are slowly rising.  Saturday Sept 6 we had 6 full tables.  We would love to see more members return to F2F.  We are supplying tea and coffee again (BYO cup) and the coffee shop is open.  Hope to see you soon!

Online bridge continues to attract more players than F2F.  The biggest challenge for us as a club is how do we get people to return to F2F?  Clubs around the country are suffering the same issue. 

There are 4 Saturdays per year at Burnside that have been booked by another organisation.  Note that the parking sign at Burnside has been changed to a 1 hour limit.  The Council rent the facility so are following up with the owner.  This may turn out to be an issue, but we will advise on any updates.

We have 3 teams entered in the National Online Teams event. Our teams did well in the 1st round.  Next round is in October.  Unfortunately, the ABF event has not been well attended. 

Upcoming Club Events

RED POINT: Labour Day Monday 3 October at 7.15pm on RealBridge

RED POINT: Parramatta Foundation Teams Congress Sunday 6 November on RealBridge

PBC Christmas party – Saturday 3 December, Burnside Community Centre

Latest Committee Minutes: September 2022

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