Committee Update Aug 2022

Message from the President

We have a few members who are currently recovering from COVID. Our best wishes go out to you all.

Our F2F numbers are slowly rising. We would love to see more members return to F2F at Burnside. We are supplying tea and coffee again (BYO cup) and the coffee shop is open. Hope to see you soon!!!!!

Sandy Boyd

NOTE: We are changing the way we communicate with our members due to multiple complaints about messages not being received. From now onwards, email updates will not be sent directly to our members. Broadcasts will be published in the website Latest News section and those of you that have signed up to receive updates will be notified of the post via email. Others can review the Latest News at any stage to see what communications have gone to our Members.

If you want to receive notifications of new posts via email as well, please go to the Home Page of our website, scroll down to the section that looks like the below image, enter your email address and click [Follow]:

Message from the Vice President

Dear Members

Over the past two plus years Bridge Clubs have provided opportunities to keep club members entertained through online bridge.  However, many members are not equipped to take part in online sessions.

I want to congratulate Parramatta Bridge Club president Sandy Boyd and the committee who have worked so hard to ensure we provide  the options of online and face to face (F2F) bridge.

As F2F has been back in operation, it has been disappointing to see the same few faces supporting our Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday F2F sessions.  Thank you to those members who have participated regularly.

I know the weather has been terrible and the dreaded COVID rampant, but I know those of us who have braved these conditions have enjoyed meeting up and enjoyed the benefits of social interaction.

So….as we are hopefully nearing the end of these miserable weather weeks, consider putting on your going out clothes and join us :

  • Wednesday 7:15 PM at Burnside
  • Thursday   10:30 AM at Burnside
  • Saturday   10:30 AM at Burnside

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided.  Masks are optional and sanitiser is provided at every table. The coffee shop is open and there are no parking fees.

Come along and enjoy the benefits of F2F bridge!

Yours in anticipation,
Annette (Anne) Ashmore

ABF Knockout Teams Competition

The Australian Bridge (ABF) has announced Australia wide for a new knockout team competition on Real Bridge.

To participate, Parramatta Bridge Club can send one team per category and all players must be home members of the club.

The first round will be played on Tuesday 6 Sept 2022 commencing at 7.30pm Subsequent games for teams not knocked out will be on the first Tuesday of each month with the final on Tuesday 6 Dec 2022. Gold Master points awarded.

The committee would like to wish the following teams that have now registered for the tournament the very best of luck in this competition:


PBC Christmas Party

A reminder to save the date. Our Christmas party will be held at Burnside on Saturday 3 December 2022.

Latest Committee Minutes: July 2022

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