Committee updates

A month back into physical bridge and the new committee is getting the hang of things……

Teams of 3 – postponed by 2 weeks to Wed 19 & 26 May. If you are interested in joining a team or being a captain please email Kathy

Table money – from 1st July table fees will increase for U65 to $7 and visitors $10. Senior rate will remain the same at $5.

Directors needed – if you are interested in becoming a club director or just want to know more about the laws of the game there is a course on 5 June. Talk to us about this exciting role at the club!

Prepaid money cards – coming in May. Stop looking behind the cushions for the right money for your next bridge fix 😊

Minutes for March  Please note – the minutes refer to BBO online sessions which have since been replaced with RealBridge sessions on Monday nights at 7:15 PM.

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